Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello, dear ones.

I am here today to mention this squash gratin, which is so good (even though I know you're just going to be ogling my bacon) and also this fondue, which is kind of a culinary cure-all, I have found. A celebration via molten cheese. Festivity writ small.

The other thing is that I am totally obsessed with this album. If the love-child of The Smiths and a depressive Balkan accordion sounds appealing, then this is the album for you!

We are wrestling with the weather here--just totally *wrestling.* Water is drip-drip-dripping into the study from the ice dams and we are just shoveling our way into oblivion. Sigh. The good news is that Birdy's been home sick but not too sick. Which means that she's happy to help me procrastinate by doing the Richard Simmons Sweatin' to the Oldies exercise video with me. Seriously. But who can work anyway, what with all the leaking and ice everywhere?

Finally, can I show something off? It's this beautiful new baby of some friends. And the blanket I made him {shrugs modestly} from Salvation-Army sweaters. Cashmere and lambswool. Right?

Stay warm, you guys. And dry.


Thursday, January 06, 2011

Waffles. That's all I came to say today. I wanted to be sure and say it before the weekend--but then I didn't want to say anything else. Because I am sluggish and crumpled and cranky and wanting to still be on vacation, playing games and reading and doing puzzles and eating expensive non-everyday sorts of cheeses. Sigh. Love to you, and the happiest new year. xo